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At Big Lick Amps, we build great reproduction tube amps, inspired by the original Fender Tweed and Marshall JTM designs, using top quality parts and materials. These are true to the original designs with minor modifications where appropriate and yet feature even better quality components, so the sound is vintage accurate and yet represent the best possible quality for even better tone and reliability. It's like a trip back into time to revisit the classic guitar sounds of the '50s and '60s.

Our amps are hand made in Virginia's Roanoke Valley. The Roanoke Valley area near the river was named Big Lick for the salt licks which attracted wildlife. Big Lick now serves as a suiting name for our tube guitar amplifiers. Get your Licks in!


Two classic styles of amps, each with several formats to cover a lot of tones.

The Fender style amps are '50s Tweed models and the Marshall style amps are '60s Plexi models. A few variations are offered as well as some custom additions or modifications upon request. We do limit the number of units produced and versions available to make our lives more manageable and to keep within scope of the original design goals. This keeps us focused on producing amps that deliver consistently great tone and our customers happy with that fact.

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